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DesignationLocationFoundingCommanding OfficerCurrent StatusCurrent LocationMission
DesignationLocationFoundingCommanding OfficerCurrent StatusCurrent LocationMission
337th Tau'shan Tactical Assault Cadre . " Spear of Destiny "Tau'shan Sept , Tau'shan sector , Third Sphere Territories982.M41Shas O Tau'shan Kau'yon Tau'va Mussashi " Brokensword "ACTIVELY ENGAGEDAlo'rrayanoi SectorA Kavaal ( Battle ) cadre force out of Tau'shan offering tactical assistance to the Alo'rrayanoi Sept . Commander Brokensword is acting commander of the Shas Fey'la Kavaal sent to Alo'rrayanoi Sector . The 337th is the acting command cadre to the Kavaal .
Water CommandSept Tau'C'MiaSecond SpherePor'O Tau'C'Mia Tau'na'Shas Shi'Kais Mont'yr Da-Ar'Cea (Honourary fire caste skillful victor killer of Dark Eldar)force under trainingSept Tau'C'Mia. Eio'kio'an various locations on Ork hunt training
121st Hunter Cadre "Silent storm"Unknown954.41MCommander Shas'El B'Etara Doran Ko Mont'yr "Blizzard"UNKNOWN
6th Vior'La Hunter Cadre, 4th Mechanized Cavallery Division (Wuesten Fuechse / Desert Foxes)N.A.963.41M Vior'LaShas'O Vior'La Shas'ka Sa'lar da (Courage spending sun in the darkness) Nick: Sal'adinPASSIVETau'ShanResuppliing and Training
23rd T'au Tactical Armored Cadre (Spetznaz)T'au Sept*Classified*O'SechaMIAUnknown Last seen in the Ichar Cluster (999999. M41)*Unknown* Last contact on 999999.M41 Engaging a massive army of Orks and Chaos.
Shadow ShieldLast known whereabouts: Damocles GulfNot-listedShas'O "Shadow Nova" & Shas'O "Eclipsed Blood"ACTIVELY ENGAGED--Classified--
E'uan Tio'Ve- 'Union in Conflagation'E'uan Training Facility (Shas'Dua), E'uan Sept, Imperial Space 'Vesuvia' System, Third Sphere Terratories002.M42.Shas'O Tash'var Mar'cai Suam'va Doran'ro (Lit. Great Flame, Calm Mind)[ENGAGED] Spreading the Greater Good amongst the Gue'laVesuvia system, travelling to engage fortifications of MonseraiumIn transit
275th Rapid Deployment force.K'far Stageing Post.914.M41.Shas'o Vio'la KylarRapid Responce.In Transit.Currently on Rapid Responce deployment to area: 2897 (third sprere).
Kai'dyr Shadowstorm Expeditionary Force.Sept Kai'dyr, Fire Wastes Training Area983.M41, Sept Kai'dyr (Volcano World)Undergoing Training
1st Airborne Assault Cadre "Ack 1"ClassifiedTamla'ya 1294 M41.Shas'O Kais'korst'la "Commander Reaper"Undergoing counter Special OperationsClassifiedOpening stages
148th mobile support division ("yurei")arthas mo'lachclassifiedshas'O Elysy'eir Ta'ro'cha (shas'O three minds)classifiedarthas mo'lachinvestigate ruins where the dawn blade was discovered, and unlock the ancient technologies found in the ruins. the cadre's main objective is to ensure the continued survival of earth the caste scientists researching the ruins.
Valaska Unity CoalitionPast the Damocles GulfTau Empire's need for a defense of Kidel, later founding would be done by a mysterious xenos named Valaska.Valaska
17th Enclave Extermination CadreOrclod VINeed for elimination of Gue'La forces.Shas'O Ksi'm'yen Suam'Anuk Shi'KaContact severed, renegades under O'Shovah's influenceClassifiedStationed. Preparing for predicted fighting against Ultramarines 2nd Company and Necron forces.
Mobile Contract-Cadre Montyr'yon?????Independent Shovan Enclave of A'avaShas'El A'ava Montyr'yon M'yan MonnanContractedACCESS DENIEDSecondary Objective achieved, moving to Primary
Breakaway FactionArthas MolochUNKNOWNMIA
3rd Hunter CadreTanjung PrimusCurrently engaged in heavy fighting on Tanjung Primus and a nearby Red Comet.
Vah'cha "The Great Task" 37 Cadres operating in a Ta'ro'cha pattern style of command with one high 'Shas'O' and two subordinate 'O leading cadres from six different Septs. A single Ethereal, Aun'Ui An'he the 'Everpresent' is chief adviser to the Cadres.Scattered across the Unknown Regions, specifically the Rra'kyse and Bap'du sectors north of Fi'ri'os.Medusa star system during the Fall Back. Cadres are primarily from Tash'Var and an unusually large percentage of N'dras. There are specialist units from such Septs as Ke'lshan, T'olku, a Bork'an personal retinue for Ethereal An'he, and strike teams from Sa'cea.Shas'Ar'O T'olku Sia'siral Doran'dak'e Ma'rawn "Calmsword"Elements of the Great Task are on four different theaters. Rra'kyse the 'Shadow Belt' is a region of sparse stars but a concentration of migratory Ork clans and Human listening stations which Korst'la'kak has engaged, slowly drawing more and more Orks to come into conflict with human outposts. Bap'du sector was to be attacked during the high point of the 3rd Sphere when Ultramarine forces held back Shadowsun's advance. Now it is a war torn collection of human worlds, waiting for help from Medusa. It was deemed by Calmsword this region be fortified while the human populations driven, but not exterminated, from their own cities. This has resulted in a massive cry for help from the Imperial Governor's and has resulted in a massive redeployment of Astartes and Imperial Guard Regiments.Rra'kyse Shadow Belt region. Bap'du LostHeavily Engaged
"...PROCESSING...<anomalous content found> only Known designation "Savagestrike" cadre"<unknown content deleted><unknown content deleted>
...PROCESSING...<anomalous content found> Strike Cadre 00027Current deployment classified via code 67-1Vior'la Prime, date expungedShas'o Vior'la Mont'yon Shi'kais Piet'naHeavily Engaged<unregistered>Permanent deployment.
17th Armor Intercept CadreRielhios, Desert World in southern Damocles Gulf.Created during the Damocles Gulf Crusade to locate and neutralize Imperial Guard Armor and Intercept Imperial Walker scouts.Shas'O Suam'Nan T'au (lit. Commander Flame Sword)Raiding Space Marine (Salamanders) fortifications.Gostilios, fighting afformentioned Astartes.[ACTIVE] Currently successful, light losses, ammunition and supplies are low. Enemy reinforcements not yet intercepted, heavy losses inflicted on enemy armor by XV-8 SunForge Rapid Insertion Teams. Enemy garrisons entrenched in fortifications, possibly awaiting reinforcements. Manta bombardments ineffective against heavy enemy fortifications.
Mon'Kau 001 (Single Hunter)Kor'vattra 007618M39Shas'O Kias Mont Aloh [Com. Skilled Killer Coldwind (Com. Coldwind)]Active3rd ExpansionClassified
17º Da'Fio Assault Tio've (17º Assault Kaui'ui, 111º Assault Kaui'ui,114º Heavy Armoured Kaui'ui, 161º Battle Kaui'ui and 75º Battle Kaui'ui)Near Bellum Lacer Sub-Sector -Da'Fio Frontier990M41Shas'O Da'Fio Mont'ka M'yenHunting Gue'la Renegades, and doing search and destroy missions of Genestelers CultsBellum Lacer Sub-Sector
4th Light Recon Cadre, Kavaal: Su'Yanoi'Var (Attack force: Grey Moon Raiders)D'yanoiAt the beginning stages of the 3rd Sphere Expansion, the D'yanoi Sept were in need of a specialized cadre, with skill without equal in infiltration and in operations behind enemy lines..and then Su'Yanoi'Var were born.Shas'Vre Wodai (on site) overall in command is Shas'o D'yanoi Cal'Kunas.Communcations with High Command has been cut off. Munition status is low, rationing has commenced. Awaiting orders from High Command.Northern frontier worlds of the Empire, exact position is unknown and classified.Currently conducting guerilla raids on Gue'la outposts, securing material and sustenance. Awaiting substraction or reinforcements. Latest recon reports a damaged Crisis suit in their vicinity equipped qith what looks like it could be a Positional Relay..
66th Shas'Sa'cea'Kau'uiSa'cea Prime780.M41Shas'el Sa'cea Kais Myen'kaGarrison ForceSa'cea Prime**ERROR. DATA LINK INTERCEPTED**
66th Shas'Sa'cea'Kau'ui [Suddenstrike Cadre]Sa'cea Prime780.M41Shas'el Sa'cea Monat'yr Myen'ka [Suddenstrike]In Transit, 3rd SphereSa'cea Lar'shi M'ka Voyl
DA'OL STRIKE CONTINGENTentry missingentry missingShas'O Bork'an Da'ol Kais (Commander Darkstar)Actively engagedT'rospre-emptive strikes against Gue'la systems close to T'ros in order to prevent military action against third phase territories.
218th Gue'vesa Cadre "Revenge Seekers"The sept world of Dal'ythThree months after the end of the Damocles Gulf Crusade.Shas'O Mildred RushintaAdvancingCurrently 30 A.U.'s from the Red Shoulder home system.Take over the first world of the Red Shoulders and wait for re-enforcement's. Scout ships detected Gue'vesa fleets in bound to the Red Shoulders home world. Scouts also detected a massive armada belonging to the Red Shoulders. Advice caution. If need be, retreat. Re-enforcements believed to contain 1 Ultramarine Company, 1 Space Wolf Company. Several Platoons of Imperial Guard whom you are from Commander.
Huntre Cadre FuerisDal'ythFarsight Enclave Reclamation ForceActively EngagedNimbosaMission ongoing.
1st Gen'yo'Sha Kau'uiGen'yo'Sha Sept997.M41Shas'O Gen'yo'Sha Anuk Ur'AholPatrol in the Near Gen'yo'Sha Sept Frontier/ Combats Raids in Pirates Bases in Wilderness SpaceUriel Primus (Gueve'sa World - Tau Protectorate)Engaging Dark Eldar Pirate Bands, destroyed one Gue'la Wolf Packs Enslaver Warbands, in Maximun alert
Mal'Caor Kau'uiInterstellar Space near Da'yth982.M41 on T'auShas'el Mal'Caor Vash'Ya (Spider Between Spheres), currently equipped with experimental XV84 CrisisAwaiting Deployment+++CLASSIFIED+++Conducting ongoing training to prepare forces for Imperial Contact as fleet moves coreward. Additional training in stealth operations as force reorganises for reconnaissance of Imperial planets.
<classified>, sept Kies'elPu'Get system W'Aash'Ing'On sector<Exact Date Classified> Third sphere expansion.Fio'O Kies'el Beh'N Yah'Min Av'Ram<Garrison status> Current being refit and participating in training to develop advanced tactical simulations.Pu'Get system, Planet Re'D'Mond, Dy'gipen Institute Compound<Ongoing> <Preliminary results promising> <Possible reinforcement pending, Expected reinforcements to include relocated Gue'vesa'la>
12th Underwater Contact CadreNy'draa'this, Ocean WorldT'auShas'O Kit'henEngaged with Gue'la deep in the Oceans of Ny'draa'thisOceana Secundus, Ny'draa'thisInitial landings successful. Engaged with Gue'la of the Salamanders chapter, Reported major hindrance to enemy forces due to water. Earth caste teams currently analysing rare elements found inside planets crust, Believed to be able to produce limitless energy. Rock formations reportedly producing natural antimatter, analysis underway.
Kau'ui CydoniaCy'donia Sept998.M41Shas'O Cy'donia L'ionh'ear'tReclaiming one of Cydonia's Moons from the Eldar of Esthar, awaiting Reinforcements from Cy'donia and Sac'ea1 of Cydonia's (Eldar Maiden World) Moon'sEngaging Eldar, Defending Cydonia from Eldar Attacks
Tau'n 207th Kir'qath Reserve CadreTau'nUnknownShas'el Vior'la Su-Vah Kais Suam (Commander Graysight)Grounded at Tau'nTau'nNo Mission
P'ro Tau'ss Special Tactics and Special Enemy Disposal~CLASSIFIED~Shas'O Tas'a Da'r <Known to the Imperium as Tassadar>Shas'O Tas'a Da'r OPERATIONAL~UNKNOWN~TERMINATED <Unless any information is given otherwise>
Higaara Moblie Infantry Cadre--CLASSIFIED--Sa'ceaShas'el Higaara Elan'Kor'kaEngaged In Combat Operations--CLASSIFIED--En-Route to Landfall --ALL OTHER INFORMATION CLASSIFIED--
Shadowsun Cadre, Frontier Coalition (Details: CLASSIFIED)The western fringes of Tau Space, including the Farsight EnclavesKsi'm'yen (KCDF) and Fi'rios (Soulwind Enclaves)Aun'El Doran'D (Holy One Calm Twin)Engaged in Clandestine Operations within Frontier Space.--CLASSIFIED--ONGOING
Recari SystemAmarri Sept954.M39Sard the Conquerer
Wayna Sept, 31st Urban DivisionWayna star system, 2nd phase minor colony-ERROR-Shas'o Uip'nbit (Commander Cleansewind)Pursuing Salamanders Chapter -ERROR-Dorin PrimusPursuit of Salamanders Chapter is proceeding well. Most of Dorin Primus has been retaken, although the entire planet has nearly been leveled. This does not matter. The Exterminatus of our home system, Wayna, has left us with only one purpose: revenge. We will give back to the Salamanders twofold what they inflicted upon us.
Talon Group"Enlightened Dawn"- Heavily modified Manta Destroyer(Withheld)The Black Dawn (Imperial designation)Fighting Valkyr's 114th Urban Combat DivisionRocia<unchanged>
Nal'da Sept (Final Title pending)North-Eastern fringe of Galactic Center, dangerously close to Imperium Space-direct ontact to Imperium blocked by persistent Warp Storms.Formal induction to the Tau Empire pending finalization and approval by the Ethereals.Orpheus Hangar, local scientist of very high stature; eagerness and usefulness to the Tau has led him to be the first of his kind to officially join, is not currently bound to a single caste.Pending induction to the Tau Empire; currently unengaged save occasional pirate interdiction.Stationed on Verus, the Anthrope homeworld.Incorporate Nal'da as a Satellite Sept, greatly expanding the Third Sphere; research and integrate surprisingly advanced technology with out own; spread the Anthropes (current Tau name pending) throughout the Empire due to local climate conditions and fear of Inquisitorial action should they be discovered (human presence is a mystery to our own researchers as well).
T'au Sept Expansionist Vanguard CadreCurrently Pech, outsourcing local uninhabited worlds.957.M41Shas'o Fi'ros S'tar Kais (Commander S'tar).Scouting.Pech.
N'dras Spearhead operation: Code Name: Divine PurposeCurrant co-ordinates: -Classified- on the western fringe of the EmpireStellar date: -Classified-Aun'O T'olku Aun Cha (Aun Cha) - Celestial Purpose-Classified--Classified-Ongoing
*Classified* - User GUEST does not have access to this information.*Classified* - User GUEST does not have access to this information.*Classified* - User GUEST does not have access to this information.
7th Expeditionary BattleforceSystem X2V-R2. Imperial Designation: The Worthless system.Vior'la; Dal'yth.Shas'el Dal'yth Vesa Mont'ulaBattle-trials passed. Awaiting first battle deployment.X2V-R21b, Imperial Designation: Worthless II, second habitable planet in the Worthless system.Scouts report that vast quantities of valuble metal ore lie beneath the surface of Worthless II's only settlement, known as "Stinkhole". Reports also show no objectionable odor in the atmosphere at or around the settlement. Due to this information, we believe that the Gue'la Empire vastly underestimates the value of this world. Capturing of this world will be swift and simple, a perfect trial run of the experimental Auxilliery cadre.
1st Valkyrie CadreCustodian Class Carrier Macross Frontier991.M41Shas'O FurystormActively engaging a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet LeviathanBorder sector near the septs of Dal'yth and Sa'cea1st Valkyrie Cadre is known for it's many victories against the Tyranids, as such it has been chosen along with other veteran cadres specifically for the task at hand. The septs of Dal'yth and Sa'cea are facing renewed assaults by an unprecedented numbers of Tyranids, and a Coalition Fleet of immense size has been ordered to halt the Tyranid Progress in the sector IMMEDIATELY.
Rapid Deployment Cadre**Classified****Cadre Still under review**Shas'o Cyr'He'Aloh (Commander Eternal Cold)Training**Classified**
Cadre Doran'Kass (Peaceful warriors)3rd Sphere Expansion Battlefields; Actual location Classified above Top SecretShas'el'Sa'Cea'Kanvah'KaisOperationalClassified (Decryption key Kai'Or'Sho)In Progress
2044th Mechanized(Jungle Hunters)Sept Kal' Dathsecond sphereShas' O Len' XabiDown time and refitsSept Kal' DathRapid response to threats to the Empire and it's allied client states. Protection of trade partners and agreed routes for trade, Intervention force in case of Imperium attacks as well as removal of alien threats.
76th Force Recon CadreNevel's Last Hope (captured Imperial planet)3rd SphereShas'el Del'VolitanON MISSIONIn transportPart of reclaimation force, Noctis 5
42nd Area denial and Air superiority task force (Hammer of Justice)INFORMATION LOST IN UPLINKINFORMATION LOST IN UPLINKShas'O DarklighterRecruitingINFORMATION LOST IN UPLINKENGAGED
7th Kor'T'Suam Kau'ui "Red Devils"Kor'T'Suam Minor Sept World, Sa'cea Sector986.M41Shas'o Kor'T'Suam Ol'Sha'Lasa Ur'Ahol'Ter (Fire Caste Commander of Kor'T'Suam Sept, named Brightwind Iceheart a.k.a Shas'o Sha'Lasa)Light recon duties and field trainingKor'T'Suam minor sept world, Southern continentCadre at minimal strength following heavy action against Tyranid incursion into sub-sector. Engaged in light recon duties and field training while awaiting major reinforcements to enable the cadre to deploy as an effective battlefield unit. Further information on refitting schedule available at these network collections (Security level: Gamma 3)
Obsidian BladeD'yanoi,First Expansion, 332Shas'o Dafio'ra Uka (Obsidian Heart, Quickstrike)In Training~*~Error, Classified beyond clearance~*~
44th O'ran'Myr CadreNars'Myr2nd ExpansionShas'el B'Myr'Li (Sheperd, Knife, Natural)Replenishing Heavy Support armory, recruiting Pathfinders, replenishing armaments.Home Sept, Nars'MyrReplenishing Cadre.
1st Ayle'Ka CadreSpace Fleet The Ethereal Dagger3rd Phase ExpansionShas'el Ayle'Ka Che'Re'StemRecruitment and Training, Responding to Distress Call from Serath System.Skirting Warp-Space to provide support at Serath.Investigate Serath Distress Call, Scout system, relay information to nearby septs.
319th Intelligence and Ambassador Cadre, Doran'PorFal'Shia3rd Phase expansion (3rd edition? heh)Shas'el Kauyon'DDeployedWithin orbit of CaithMaintaining negotiations with local Gue'la. Neighboring sectors have developed a strong Gue'nan (space marine) resistance.
73rd Tactical Insertion CadreN'dras.928.M41Shas'O Da'Kauyanoi N'drasiRefit and resupply.Vior'la system.Pending.
3rd D'YNOI FARSTRIKE CADREEastern Fringe on the border to Imperial territory; Sector: Lithesh; Sub-sector: Timbra; World: Phelios [conquered by the Tau and renamed to Ya'Ishan [137.997 .M41]][989 .M41] D'ynoi Sept WorldShas'el D'ynoi Mont'yr Lyss'ara Sha'Vaun Yoroi (Commander Stormseer)
M'Yen'Nan Insertion CadreFi'RiosThird Sphere ExpansionM'Yen'Nars'OIncreasing Number of Cadre Devilfishes in Response to Increased Mobility on the Part of the EnemyExact Location unknown.Work with the Fi'Rios defense cadre in the defense of Fi'Rios. The M'Yen'Nan Insertion Cadre is to prepare a retaliatory strike against any invading forces.
151th Sa'Cea Crisis strike force.Ta'Omes moon station.914.M41Shas'O M'yen Or'esAwaiting reinforcements from home planet.On board the Sa'Cea orbital fleet.
Mont'T'Da CadreT'auThird Sphere ExpansionShas'El T'au Kais Nan'T'KorstRecuiting, training and developing XV32 Prototype Advanced Stealth Suit SystemsT'au Stratigic Night-Fight Training CentreTraining and Development
Sa'Cea 77th "Urban Fist" Mobile Infantry CadreSa'Cea942 M41
Re Tash (Strength Endures)Fi'Rios2nd Phase Expansion :: Refounded 3rd Phase ExpansionShas'El Ko'Vash Sho'KaReinforcingFi'RiosData Pending
12th Vior'la Advanced Reconnaissance Cadre (Da'Eoro "Guide in Darkness")Vior'la1st Phase ExpansionShas'El Vior'la Kais Yr Savon (El'Kais)Marshalling for First DeploymentNear Vior'laNone as of yet
Stealth Armor Interdiction CadreVir'gi' Niaw'ake SystemSecond ExpansionShas'El Vior'la Kais Yr Savon (El'Kais)ActiveCLASSIFIEDBehind Schedule
Sal'Kyr ProtectorateSal'KyrThird Phase ColonyACTIVESal'KyrACTIVE
455th Interdiction CadreBorkan IVKsi'm'yen, 891.M41Shas'O Bap He'ra J'kaara (He who is lost in the mirror)Uncertain but hopeful.
Kau'ui M'yen'yrElsy'eirSecond Sphere ExpansionShas'El Elsy'eir Re'mont Shi'la'y'ur Lar'olSkirmishing with Chaos MarinesClassified
Bork'an La Kais KaBork'anThird Sphere ExpansionShas'El Bork'an Cea GalEn-route to recieve Special Training ***** -- FURTHER ACCES GRANTED -- Cadre is undergoing Anti-Gue'La trainingIn Transit to Sa'cea Shas Acedemy
71st Rapid Response Cadre "Nightfall"Perdus RiftThird Sphere ExpansionShas'O D'otson--Classified----Classified----Classified--
the 788th Kau'ui (Mont'AuVior'la Sept955.M41Shas'o Vior'la Ken'shin (Blazing Sword)In Active CombatLost in the Damocles GulfDuring the campaign on Medusa V, an experimental warp field technology test to send the 788th back to the Tau worlds went horribly wrong, while the Cadre did end up in the Damocles Gulf the corruption of the Chaos gods has warped the minds of the once loyal Tau warriors. After the cold blooded murder of the Etheral that was in command by Commander Blazing Sword, He now leads the damned force on bloody campaigns and skirmishes across the Gulf. A large section of the cadre have now taken to strapping Trophy Rack of the fallen to there battle suits and skimmers, but Commander Blazing Sword has chosen not to so that his position as commander is clear to all that oppose him, During one of Blazing swords bloody battles against the imperial guard the cadre was met by the broken cadre of the 781st, they have now joined Shas'O Ken'Shin in his crusade as they hunt the gulf for more that would join this damned cadre as they build strength they look to over through the Tau worlds and bring about the Mont'Au (the terror) and bring about a new age and a new race of Tau.
Insurgence and Vanguard Cadre 22 [Unnamed]Kal'dath[Error Data Not Found].Shas'el Zoanna.Active.Planet Rostov, Voxen Free Imperial Empire, Northern Reaches of the Maelstrom.To incite rebellion and prepare for invasion in this pivotal Imperial world; Rostov, that if taken could see half of the Voxen Free Imperial Empire susceptible to Tau influence.
He'ra Nan (Wayward Sword)MobileM 000.M42Garviel Loken (clone)AT-LARGEUNKNOWNTheir apparent mission of destroying the Black Legion seems to be at a standstill, they were securing funds via mercenary services at last report.
The Cold HuntAl'aci'urbiSa'ceaShas'O Ky'resh or "stone blade", Aun'Vre T'eai or "courageous"Pursuing imperial forcesAl'aci'urbiSeek and destroy, beginning
1st La'Vai CadreLa'Vai Sept949.M41Shas'o La'Vai M'yen Nan (Unforseen Blade)Completed Shas'O M'yen Nan's 'vally of blades' unarmed defence training, returning to thrid shere expansionNormasaNormasa Gue'la PDF have surrendered and populous begining re-education/ sterilization. Minor resistance from Gue'la crime syndicates, easily removed by Shas'la . Predicted time for full sept colonization: 2 Kai'Rotaa
23rd kevash'olku ethereal envoy cadrekevash'olku Septthird sphere expansionshas'o ki'ronen rout to pechDay'yth sector
LostAuc'CyrSecond Sphere ExpansionShas'O Cravenus-UNKNOWN--UNKNOWN- Presumed to be still in the Auc'Cyr systemCadre Lost when destination system swallowed by Warp storm, status UNKNOWN
16th Sa'cea Shas'ar'tol Advanced Recon Cadre.Sa'caeShas'El Sa'cea Ro'Yon Mon'tyr Lar'shi. Master Shaper Natar LucoActively pursuing remnants of Splinter Fleet Reclaimer. Training Cadres in the Tau'shan system in anti-Tyranid tactics.Training Facility, 3rd moon of Ma'juro, Tau'shan system.
3rd Etherals Regimental Combat TeamSa'cea991 M.41Known simply as He Who Come Before(if you can tauify it by all means do im terrible with tau names)DeployedThe Iron Desert of Kor'vattra IVLocating a lost Fio surveyor team[INCOMPLETE]
Snow Forces of T'olku Sept925M41Shas'O T'olku Suam'vaActive deploymentIce world near the Damocles GulfActive. The world itself is relatively unimportant, but the orbitals provide a base of ops for several Kor'vattra divisions and would do the same for any Imperium forces capturing it. Thus far, 8 ground-based assaults have been repelled and 3 direct station attacks.
Mon'Da (Black Shadows)Ksi'm'yenUnkownShas'O Ksi'm'yen Kunas Korst'la MyrDeployedWest of Ksi'm'yen: Investigating the case of O'Shovah.
Shadowhand Hunter CadreKsi'm'yen, Mont'yr Battlegroup997.M41Shas'El Ksi'm'yen Kiel ErraACTIVECLASSIFIEDShadowhand was founded on Ksi'm'yen during the Third Sphere Expansions. Originally trained to perform as a recon unit, Shadowhand has recently adopted a wider range of rules and, as such, require a wider range of support. Their first off-world assignment was with a Kor Battlegroup Mont'yr where they served in the roles of asset denial and Air-rescue forces. Their most recent assignment detached them from the Battlegroup and has sent Shadowhand into the Farsight Enclaves in an attempt to ascertain just what it is O'Shavah is doing.
12th Kir'ith Defense Cadre, Shadow StrikersKir'ith System, South western Tau Space, Imperial Borderlands<RESTRICTED>Shas'O Kir'ith M'yen'Suam (O'M'yen'Suam: Unforseen Flame)On PatrolFalconan, Third planet in the Polaral System, Close to Kir'ith SystemPatrolling the systems neighbouring the Kir'ith system, largely responsable for eliminating chaotic threats and in the area and repelling imperial probes into Tau space.
Oi'ka Honor Guard [ Shining Strike ]Cruiser T'au Lar'shi'Vre He'ka Kir'Kavaal, on the edge of Third Sphere Space.Reformed in 939.M41Shas'el Ar'au [ High Era ]Actively Guarding Ethereal Ar'El'Au [ High Holy Era ]Cadre is Stationed on the Cruiser T'au Lar'shi'Vre He'ka Kir'KavaalCurrently sitting outside of Station Kor'Olku, awaiting refit and Ethereal Passenger
 12th Scouting Expeditionary Force, the Cadre protecting this Force are the newly formed: Taal'Ukos (Order of the Spoon)Slightly beyond Third Sphere edgeHunter Crade formed recently, off of a much larger Crade, Nar'Kova, for the purpose of assisting the search for species willing to join the Empire in the name of the Greater Good.Shas'O Ksi'm'yen Ukos Da'Ka Su'Kak. Commonly known as O'Ukos (Commander Spoon), Commander in charge of protecting the operation.Cut off by alien forces from Reinforcements, and stranded on a hostile Planet, fighting for survival.Galactic North of the Third Sphere.Put on hitaius in order to survive, awaiting Reinforcements from the Empire.
13th Occupation Cadre (Y'he Aloh "Cold Death"The planet Kak'Aloh (Cold Sands), near the Perdus Rift.Shas'O Ke'lshan Jin'Dal Suam'Doran (Calmfire)EngagedThe planet Kak'Aloh, operating near the initial drop zones.Engaged with forces of Chaos Marines that were occupying the planet upon the cadre's arrival. Currently securing landing zones and awaiting reinforcements.
110th Kor'shan Armoured Assault CadreKor'shan sept, Kor'shan sector, Third Phase Territories960.M41Shas'O A'masa Nan "Shadow Sword"In route to battle zone at edge of Tau spaceOn the border of Tau space, aboard the transport 'Burning Light'Resupplying before being sent back into combat
98th D'yanoi Rapid Response Mechanised Hunter CadreD'yanoi Sept998.M41Shas'el D'yanoi Kar'mai'veCurrently in training and awaiting renforcmentsD'yanoi training grounds
Be'Gel'Yon Mechanized Cadre998.M41Shas'El Ke'lshan Kunas'LasaActively seeking and engaging ork threatsPerdus Rift (unknown, 999.M41)
72nd T'olku Cadre "Nightfall"T'olku SeptCadre founded to help the water caste in negotiations and enforce the greater good. Most recent Xenos contact: 54th AdMech exploratory forceShas'El Ke'lshan Kunas'LasaNegotiatingthe 1st moon of Ksi'm'yenNegotiations have begun. Fighting unlikely to occur.
Hunter Cadre Lar'Shi'elSa'CeaThe Cadre was originally put together from personnel of various Sa'Cea Cadres that suffered losses during their engagements. Additional information can be found HERE.Shas'O Sa'Cea Lar'Shi'el Kir'qath Ny'oni (Imperial codename: Commander Watchdog)Engaged and awaiting reinforcementsGue'la world Marna V (Tau designation: Es'Doran) near the Perdus Rift regionThe Cadre is a part of the Es'Doran expeditionary force and is currently engaged with Gue'la Space Marines (Ultramarines and Blood Angels) and Imperial Guard (5th Marnian Regiment). The Cadre is under close supervision of the Ethereal Caste, who are trying to find a way to properly use the Commander's hatred against the Gue'la for the purposes of Tau'Va. The Cadre specializes in defensive and hit and run raid tactics, usually boosting the defense lines of other Cadres where neccessary. Both sides are ferrying reinforcements to the planet and the campaign has come to a stalemate, despite daring raids of the Gue'la Space Marines.
Fi'Rios EnclaveFi'Rios, Farsight EnclavesThis Cadre was formed as the Firewarriors on Fi'Rios were left unaided on the outskirts of Tau space. Under heavy attack from the Orks, they were extended a hand of assistance from the nearby Farsight Enclaves and eventually joined his forces as the main Tau army had left them mostly unaided.Commander FarsightEstablishing Forward CommandFi'RiosThe Cadre is establishing new command at the Fi'Rios base. The Fi'Rios cadres have a truce with Commander Farsight for extending help when no one else would. Thus, Farsight commands from the shadows while the Fi'Rios troops continue to appear loyal to the rest of the Tau army.
3rd Uash'O Mon'wern'aGal'leath ship, Ho'or-ata-t'chelUnknownActive watchMobile at all times, Last com chat was near Fal'shia, was aiding in pushing back a small orc Waagh!!!Standing orders are as followed,
IXth Vior'la Scout CadreVior'la, E'henila - Custodian Class CruiserVior'la, 953.M41Shas'O Jin'lo Firestar, Etheral Aun'SelCombat ReadyEn Route to Tenois IIIThe IXth Vior'la Scout Cadre is tasked with being a mobile strike force and personal bodyguard force of Etheral Aun'Sel. Under the command of Commander Jin'Lo Firestar the cadre serves as a first strike unit under the guidance of Aun'Sel, attacking that which he has deemed un-useful for the Greater Good. The IXth Vior'la Scout Cadre is also either the first of most coalations to see combat or the quick answer to reserves needed in the battlefield.
Combined 16th and 17th Gar'lan Nightstalker CadreEdge of 3rd Sphere Expansion976.M38Shas'O Ens'ra(XV-8)Engaged. Withdrawing from behind enemy lines.Fringe of the 3rd sphere expansion.See Mission Report - Gar'Lan Relief Campaign
Scions of MasinaKel'ShanFal'ShiaShas'El DraaenEn RouteKel'Shan
Ol'Da RangersOl'DaThis Cadre was an exploration and settlement Cadre, but were then forced to defend themselves from Imperial, Chaos, and Xenos threats.Shas'O Suam'Ka (Firestrike)Defending and Expanding TerritoryOl'Da
Vior'Shan Cadre 23rd Recon UnitVior'Shan3rd Sphere Colony founded by expeditionary Kor Caste members of the Vior'la sept.Shas'O Vior'Shan Sa'myl Bly'tCode in: "Fio'Taun"Encroaching on edges of unclaimed Tau space, close to last recorded position of the renegade "Commander Farsight"
Kai'taal first cadreKai'taal septThe sept was founded on a former Imperium planet.Commander Shas'O T'au Shas'shi.Preparing for defense.Kai'taal.Preparing defenses for the newly founded sept.
Kai'taal first cadreKai'taal septThe sept was founded on a former Imperium planet.Commander Shas'El Kimi' maru of Vior' la septScouting for expansion.Planet Maat'abi.Scouting Delta quadrant of Maat'abi for the empire's expansion.
Mal'ui Cadre 57th Armoured CadreMal'uiMal'ui, a former Farsight enclave integrated back into the empire, under probation period.Shas'O Mal'ui Mont'yr Aloh'Sha'is (The Cold Wind)On mission to former imperial world of Dhakssus to colonise severe resistance encountered awaiting reinforcementsDhakssusCLASSIFIED. SECURITY LEVEL 7 (Aun) REQUIRED
Tash'Var Ceremonial CadreTash'VarFounded during Second sphere expansion of the empireSHAS'O TASH'VAR SHOVAH MONT'KA MONT'YR KAIS SHI OR'ESRecruitment and TrainingTash'VarIn-Active
Vior'la's 11th Mechanised Alpine Assault and ReconMIAVior'laShas'O Vior'la Bork'korst'la aka The Snow ReaperMIAUnkownMIA
Threat Dissipation ForceVior'la996.M41Shas'el Vior'la M'yen KunasReceiving Gue'vesa recruits from colony inhabitantsMagadan (Colony with relatively large Gue'vesa population)Protection of the newly claimed planet Magadan ongoing.
Xenos Analysis, Negotiations, Detection, Engagement and Research (X.A.N.D.E.R.)Shas'o'Azur'lun'Fei'su (Fire caste commander, of the sept Azur'lun, of Faith)Tactical avoidance, for observational and recruiting purposes.The crescent satellites circling the planet dupped 'cheshire'Observing the anomaly of the planet named 'cheshire' by Imperial forces. A warp based implosion wave followed the sudden appearance of the planet in the V838 Monocerotis system, after it's disappearance many thousands of years ago. The implosion was powerful enough to attract ships traveling in the warp causing many hostile alien races to crash on the planet, and the wave of warp energy caused the sept to send a small force to investigate. The X.A.N.D.E.R. force was sent.
"Freeborn" Renegade CadreN/A (Nomadic)Detachment originally mustered from Vior'la SeptKnight-Commander Flaretalon. Specializes in battlefield orchestration and direction. Enhanced communication and sensor suites allows for exceptional micro-management for application of force.Ordered by Supreme Commander O'Shovah to pull back for refit and reloadDeep space, expected arrival in six standard months.To protect the flanks of the main thrust of Supreme Commander O'Shovah's forces by operating beyond the established Main Line of Resistance and strike the enemy where they believe they are beyond harm's reach, before they can muster a significant counter-response. To disrupt and deny the enemy at every availible opportunity. Wealth and glory to the Freeborn Cadre!
412th So'Ach Highborn Hunter Cadre. "Elemental's Blade"So'Ach Sept, Kar'aun Vae Sector, Fifth Sphere Territories967.M41Shas'el So'Ach Kai'Emphar Shal'na "Ice Drake"Currently EngagedSon'Abanol SectorEn route to begin an expansion into the Fifth Sphere Outlaying Territories. Commander Shal'na has begun recon missions into the sector and is encountering resistance, as the forces of the Imperium and the Chaotic Powers are in the process of warring in the sector. Shal'na has begun splinter raids against both enemies, while re-enforcements are en-route.
501st vior'la Hunter Cadre "Warp Arrow"Vior'la955.41MShas'O'J'kooova Ukos "mirror spoon"Fleeing necron toomworlds in the vield region, seeking the way back Tau spaceVeild Region(exact location unkown)to under strenth of founding force to be any use.
Vash'ya 416th Armored Interdiction Cadre{CLASSIFIED}Shas'o Su'Sha'is (translation: Commander Duskrider)assigned to security for Kor- and Fio-caste research and development facility in the {CLASSIFIED} system{CLASSIFIED}engaged and destroyed minor Ork invasion. Currently pursuing surviving fragments of invasion forces.
603rd Sai'ona Defensive CadreSai'ona, Third Sphere ExpansionAun'o Bork'an Doran Cea Kar'tyrIn TrainingSai'ona Defense Outpost 33Train and defend against incoming Imperial, Tyranid and Necron units.
Cadre Name: Y'Vior'La'L'Kavaal (1st Vior'La Deep Strike Force*)Currently based in a specialised facility on Vior'LaBeginning of the third sphere expansion (anyone know the date of this??)Shas'O'Vior'La'Nan'Sha'Is (High Commander Sword Wind)Returning from field testingEn-route to Vior'La baseField test tactics, force organization and put new recruits through their trial by fire
1st Tor'li (Distant Light) Cadre (Re-designated from Contact Fleet Si'kyon)Tor'li Sept, Unknown Sector, Estimated Galactic North. Reference Supplemental Log.950.M41Shas'el Bor'kan Lynu Kir'qath (Steadfast Defender).EMERGENCY DISTRESSGue'vesa city of Khartoum, Tor'li Prime, Tor'li Sept
1st T'erra Rapid Response Cadre "In Truth Clad"Provisional T'erra Sept, T'erra Subsector, Second Sphere Expansion744.M41Shas'O T'erra Aloh'anuk Hah'n (Commander of the Fire Caste, of the T'erra Sept, "Snow Hawk," "The Iron-Knuckled.")Engaged.Unknown. Last report suggests Gue'la territory.Missing In Action.
575th T'au Combine arms Hunter Cadre. "Hunter's Rifles"Unknown. For now the planet is being designated Al'Suam900.M41Shas'O'T'au'Ri'Kais'Vont'Kyr "Silent Hunter"Currently EngagedUnknown, last known coordinates were 5 mil. light years from N'Dras (see notes and above)In progress, though it is just a matter of time. There seems to be a very wide number of races competing for this system, there is at least four companies worth in Spacemarines, of various chapters, I counted no less than 7 different banners, this place is crawling with Gue'la troops, several Hive Fleet splinters have shown up, at least 4 different Ork armies, an Eldar Craftworld (which has thankfully remained passive at worst and helpful at best, though we did have some early skirmishes) several Mont'ka armies have waxed and waned in presence and a large Necron presence, but these seem to be a supply unit, I've been letting them gather materials and I've taken it from their poorly defended transport ships. The Eldar Craftworld, Ultra Marines, and Dark Angels Spacemarines I've seen seem to be gathering up to leave probably headed for a bigger fight.
Yon'ur'is'kai, 24th Bork'an Expeditionary Cadre, "Hunters of the Great Ice"Sept Bork'anSecond SphereShas'el Bork'an Sho'ka Hla'liPLANETARY QRFRal'tes Mining Colony (Iceworld)Yon'ur'is'kai is charged with the protection of the large mining operations on Ral'tes.
666th hunter cadre "violent lightning"vior'la989.M40Shas'O Vior'la Ar'B Oi'Nan :commander high shepherdobservingon an unnamed planet near Fi'riosto remove the Dark Eldar and/or annihilate them
Tony'kr Expansion and Defense ForceTony'kr III995 M.41Shas'o Loth'cara'amon (translation: Commander Gate Keeper), Aun Rom'briel (On stand-by, waiting for deployment. Priority: help any nearby Cadre, providing wathever help they may need.Tony'kr IIIThe army is ready for any situation. Field testing of the GV-33 (Gue'vesa Close Combat Armour) and XV-34 (Gue'vesa Combat Suit) is a top priority in any mission.
107th Tash'var Armored Interdiction CadreTash'var Sept, Tash'var Sector, Second Phase Colonies.994.M41Shas'o BrightwindIn trainingTash'var, High-plains region.
89th Bork'an Combat GroupBork'an Sept, 1st Sphere999.M41Shas'El Bork'an Mont'Retha'SaalForces Assembling3rd Sphere Assembly AreaTraining and preparing to move out to the 3rd sphere combat zones, there to assist in the conquest of various worlds held by the so-called "Imperium".
3rd Specialist/Expedition Cadre "Snow Dwellers"982.M41Shas´O Arc'Mein Rava Sha'bork Mont'yr [Shas'O'Rava – Commander Snowmane]MISSING IN ACTION (forced FTL jump through the Perdus Rift)GOROV SYSTEM – SEGMENTUM OBSCURUS Imperial SpaceFAILED
Wild Hunt (mechanized)Farsight EnclaveThird SphereShas'El Sta'AgMonT'auunk.
Fir'ios 1st rapid assault cadreFir'iosThird Sphere ExpansionShas'o Ral'ed Mont'yrSpearhead assault landings/counter attacks against chaos gue'la, wolf'lamalan'te System, Planet V,Aun killed, hammerhead down.
Fi'rios scout team charlie 126Fi'riosCLASSIFED, SHAS'O AND ABOVE ONLY.Shas'o shadowstrikeUnknownthe crystalline world of falshaMissing on the above world, current whereabouts are unknown.
131st T'au Tactical strike Cadre.T'au Sept.995.994.M41Shas'O T'au Iur'Tae'Mont (Shellshock).EngagedExact location unknown. Estimated north east of the Damocles Gulf.The 131st T'au Cadre's mission is to watch the Farsight Enclaves, guard the northern border of the Tau Empire from any threats that come forth ( or atleast warn nearby Septs), and to test all experimental weapons extensivly. The last message sent from O'Iur'Tae'Mont stated they had engaged a splinter fleet of the Farsight Enclaves, as well as a company of Salamander Space Marines, Necrons led by a Golden Figure, and a Tyranid Hive Fleet for some unknown reason dubbed Hive Fleet Cuddly Bunny Rabbit.
162nd Armored Kau'ui, T'au SeptT'au Sept995.999.M41Shas'o T'au Aloh'chaIn trainingVior'laThe 162nd Armored Kau'ui is currently assigned to the Nan'Sha'is Academy on Vior'la for training. It is estimated that training will be completed within two kai'rotaa. Upon completion of training, the 162nd will be deployed to reinforce Ksi'm'yen and to counter recent Gue'la activity in that region. As it is anticipated that the 162nd will see considerable action in populated centres, training is focusing on urban warfare and tactics.
Au'Taal 17th Hunter CadreFarsight Enclaves720.M41Shas'O'Au'Taal'Lar'Doran'Ka'Mesa'Ka'Ra (The Valiant Calm Scarred Exile)Unknown, Last known to be fighting alongside Shas'O'Shovah's forces in recovery of Orc and Gue'la held worldsAssumed to be Renegade along with O'Shovah's ForcesN/A: Cadre No longer recognized by the Aun and there for lost to the Empire
1st R'AlohFi'Rios Sept.2MA'179 (005M42)Shas'O Fi'Rios Doran'Ka Ru'Kais'Fio (Commander Calm Strike Skilled Earth Mind)Cadre Forming, awaiting Data uplink.R'Aloh Outpost.
5th R'VelaKe'lshan Sept2MA'112Shas'O R'KaisRenegade; attempting access to Wraithbone for research purposes. Aun'va is not yet aware of renegade activity.Dead Imperial World; designation unknownPending
Contingent 22ATa'Casa SystemSecond SphereAun'O R'Elly (Prince Longshaft)DeployedTa'Casa IIISecuring Southern Front for Potential LZ of 3rd Phase Colony forces.
34th Fi'rios Vash'aun'an Perimeter Blockade Cadre
Ya'myr Rebel CadreUnknownThe Ya'myr rebel group started as activists against using Kroot as bait. It has since grown to a full rebellion, and Aun'va does not recognize the true potential of many of these warriors. Unfortunately, the rebels still have to contend with alien armies for control of their positions.
First Vadamee Exploration/Intervention CadreVadamee Home System, South-South West of Tau Empire.992.M41Shas'Aun'O Vadamee B'T'Shi Kosh ('Shepard Kosh', like Shepard Book from Firefly, it's more of a title, and B'T'Shi Kosh flows nicely. It translates directly to 'Shepard of Victory')Between wars.Vadamee sept.Refit and Resupply in progress, supplicant battlesuit pilots undergoing The Hunt. New Commandos being inducted into the cadre.
101st T'au Arctic Warfare CadreT'au995.990.M41Shas'El --CORRUPT DATA--MIA [Believed Destroyed]Unknown [Last Transmission From Ice World Near Bork'an][UPDATED DATA ENTRY] The last trace of the Cadre was on an ice world near Bork'an. A short message was received by the Tau of the Bork'an Sept asking for help. Scout teams were sent to the ice world but found nothing. Consequently, the Cadre is believed to have been destroyed by elements of the Imperium's Imperial Guard.
Urban rapid strike Cadre Still mindSa'ceaShas'o Sa'cea Doran'ro Kais Lynu (Commander Still Mind)Awaiting deploymentSa'ceaCommander Stillmind has spent a Tau'cyr perfecting his tactics and drilling his Cadre in simulated Gue'la "Hive" enviroments and has formulated strategies to counter other hostile races in that enviroment. He is currently awaiting deployment orders so that he may test his theories in the field.
Au'taal Rapid Response System Defense CadreAu'taal Sept015.M39Shas'O Au'taal Doran Or'es Nan (Commander Calmsword)Active PatrolAu'taal SeptNominally, standing patrol of Au'taal Sept. On stand-by for rapid deployment to nearby systems for defensive support.
113th Tau Sept CadreTashanN/AShas'o O'b'YrDefending Tashan from a Necron incursion with survivors of the Tashan Planetary Defence cadre.On and in orbit around TashanCurrently awaiting reinforcements from a nearby Vespid colony.
8th Li'an mobile assault cadreLi'an3rd sphereShas'o Bork'an Eoro'MontFoundingLi'anFrom the first graduating Shas'saal from Li'an, a forest planet recently colonized by the Bork'an Sept, this cadre is still in the process of being founded, running simulations until it has reached full strength. Vre'Ka'va is acting commander of the 8th, with O'Eoro'Mont, High Commander of Shas Uash'O Li'an, filling the place of true commander pending Vre'Ka'vas Trial by Fire.
1st Munc'kin Planetary Defense CadreMunc'kin. Galactic Western fringe of 3rd sphere space.3rd sphereAwaiting Reinforcement.Western Defense Fleets.
A.R.C.S. (Assault. Recon. Counter-Strike.) Cadre##Classified. Lv. 6 Clearance required.##Third Sphere. The ARCS Cadre is one of three currently operating under the Kvor'An'Kaschi (Golden Guard) Tio'Ve that uses Dricil as its base of Operations, and the only one (currently) that is cleared for off-world duties. The original members of the Golden Guard were hand picked the Ethereal Aun'Shi. When the aged warrior finally became too old and weak to take an active role in battle he beseeched the Aun'Va directly to grant him a favour. An assignment where he could still be amongst the caste he so loved and yet be permitted a retirement that didn't involve a violent death. In a move which proved that the Empire respects those who have given their best year in service of the greater good, he and his apprentices were placed in charge of the Dricil facility. The youngest of which is the current leader of the ARCS Cadre.Aun'Vre T'au Kais'Shi Kauyon Mont'Yr (Vre'Kauyon). The youngest of Aun'Shi's apprentices. He has shown a penchant for leading from the front and is usually found amongst his troops in the very thick of the fighting. Has also adopted many unorthodox practices regarding the treatment of auxiliaries and the level of familiarity between him and his command staff. As much as the Aun'Ar'Tol frowns upon many of these practices, they are grudgingly forced to admit he gets results.Full combat readiness. Scheduled for deployment on Las'Falla. As such Kauyon has doubled his cadre's usual training regimen.##Lv. 6 Passkey Accepted. Decrypting Entry.##When deployed on Las'Falla A.R.C.S. is to investigate the magnitude of the Ork threat and slow its advancement until a strike force can be assembled. Rumours of Gue'La Astartes activity in the area are also to be verified or debunked as applicable.
135th Sah'iro Tactical Assault Cadre zzz. “ ”Sah'iro Sept , Sah'iro sector , Second Sphere Territories989.M41Shas'o Sa'cea Shi “ ”UNDEGOING RE-TASK ORGANIZATIONSah'iro SectorThe Cadre acts as a hammer for the Sah'iro Septs collation's forces. The Cadre heavily practices Mont'ka with some minor elements of Kauyon, as they push the enemy into the 52nd Sah'iro Heavy Assault Cadres Kauyon.
52nd Sah'iro Heavy Assault Cadre Coba'Nars “Shatter Rock”Sah'iro Sept , Sah'iro sector , Second Sphere Territories994.M41Shas'o Cal'dar “Hard Darkness”COMPLEATING TRAINING WORKUP.Sah'iro SectorThe Heavy Assault Cadre of the Sah'iro Sept acts as an Anvil, practicing a modified version of Kauyon they are highly disciplined warriors, that use a unique blend of combined arms to decimate enemy armor.
27th Sah'iro Rapid Force Reconnaissance Cadre “ ”Sah'iro Sept , Sah'iro sector , Second Sphere Territories989.M41Shas'o Brathu'angau “Doom's Kiss”CONDUCTING TRAINING OPERATIONS ON DAR'KALSah'iro SectorThe 27th Rapid Force Reconnaissance Cadre's mission is quit simply to search out and locate enemy strong holds and then use combined arms to disable or destroy these allowing the Tactical Assault Cadre to sweep through the enemy lines and push the remaining forces into the Heavy Assault Cadre's ambush.
72nd Sah'iro Aerial Support Cadre “ ”Sah'iro Sept , Sah'iro sector , Second Sphere Territories989.M41Shas'oUNDERGOING INITIAL TESTINGSah'iro SectorProvide ground support for Kor Tio've Ke'lshan Lar'eldi against enemy anti-air, air-to-air assets.
1st Colony Defense CadreSa'cea Sept, Third Sphere Territories988.M41Shas'El Sa'cea M'yenshi Kunas Doran (Commander Longshot)EngagedThird Sphere Territories, colony world, Aun'LarnesaAt last report, this Cadre was involved in evacuating the Third Sphere Expansion colony world Aun'Larnesa from an invasion fleet of Space Marines [Star Fang <?> Chapter] and Imperial Guard.
Cal'vral'ru'la Kau'ui Fi'rios [Translation= Hoofslogger Cadre of Fi'rios] or 2nd Cadre Fi'rios.Fi'rios Sept, Fi'rios Sector, Third Sphere Territories.997.M41, Dal'yth Prime.Shas'O Fi'rios Savon Lynu [Translation= Fire Caste Commander of Fi'rios Keen Eyed and Steadfast].RESUPPLYINGFi'rios PrimeThe 2nd Cadre and her sister Cadres are currently resupplying in the Fi'rios Sept following heavy fighting in the Kel'Shaan sector. They are being prepared for redeployment against Ork forces in the Galactic South of the Empire.
Po'Kay'Mon CadreKan'To & Joh'To3rd SphereAsh'Ket'ChumENGAGEDYo'Rksh'IreIn combat against Hive Fleet Chimaira and 16th Guard Regiment of Yorkshire
53rd Special Interdiction CadreThe Icarus systemThe Special Interdiction Cadre is made up of many different Sept units who band together to fight for the greater good. Exact founding is currently unknown.Shas'O PallasENGAGEDIcarus SystemOriginally sent to jungle Icarus system to cleanse system of all enemy life.
17th tactical assault cadreTash'var999.2 m41Shas'el'Tash'var'Aloh (commander coldwind)Actively engagedThird sphere expansion colonization effort 15CY4663NO LOSSES, proceeding as planned
Shas'KaK, 33rd Vior'La Mechanized Infantry - "Dune Raiders"Sept Bork'anFirst SphereShas'O Vior'La KaK'Vishai "Commander Sandstorm"EngagedHeldaanCurrently holding Heldaan from imperial control.
Crim'Sin Cadre (adopted name after their offical name was expunged)Currently in Coraaxius system, formerly of the Fio'Rek'Shi system until their exile997.M41Shas'O De'Vi'N and Shas O' ArasRESUPPLYINGFi'rios PrimeCurrently fleeing from the Tau Empire after being deemed as nonbelievers in the Greater Good and killing their Ethereal. They have since settled in the Coraaxius system where they have struck an uneasy truce with the Crimson Guardians Space Marines who protect the system.
Lynu'Co'ge'Yr'Shas "Persistant Inexperienced Warriors" (They have lost every match so far, but haven't given up)T'auFirst SphereShas'el Tar'Thrin, Commander ShadowsunACTIVE DUTY in small skirmishes.T'au HomeworldCurrently rearming, training new recruits, and waiting for requisitions for 2 more devilfish chassis modular vehicles, 1 more Piranha, 1 more XV88 broadside, 6 more XV8 Crisis suits, and several dozen new recruits in the form of firewarriors and kroot mercenaries.
Ke'lshan Uash'o, Sa'cea Tio've, Or'es Ko'vash Kau'ui / Ke'Lshan Command, Sa'cea Contingent, Surestride's CadreKe'Lshan785903.M41 (One year after the fighting against the Tyranids on Ke'Lshan began)Shas'O Sa'cea Or'es Ko'vash / Shas'o Sure-strideUNDER HEAVY ATTACK / REINFORCEMENTS REQUESTEDKe'Lshan, outskirts of factory complex 1284CRITICAL: Under heavy Y'he assault. Heavy casualties sustained, awaiting reinforcements.
Nar'yth 32nd Mobile Infantry.3rd sphere expansion, Gue'vesa occupied world Nar'yth (formally named Isandore V1)...... M40Commander WarbladeTrainingNar'ythPending
Vior'la 95th Mechanized hunter cardreVior'laM41Shas'O Vior'la Shas'verlis Char'nif felinta.Awaiting re-deployment after re-fitVior'laNIL
Tau'ca sept Hunter cadre 8.8Damocles Gulf56.90 M41Shas'o R'alaiIn pursuit of foeCytheriacurrently successful
94th Tactical/Recon CadreNorth/Eastern Fringe of Hive SpaceThird sphereShas'O Sha-Kep/Shas'O Elt-TanuCurrently, we are reconing several outposts where enemy strongholds are weak and eliminating any and all adversarys. Recently we have attacked two strongholds that have been recently resupplied w/ Hive weaponary, which upon removal of the enemy we quickly destroyed per orders. We have taken little casualties and are resupplied via orca.The TRC acts as a rapid insertion force making tactical assaults on the outer edge of the Hive Fleet weakening areas for future tau capacity.
Conflict <Ultramarines?>Malbede<DATE REMOVED>Shas'o Alo'RraDESTROYED <NEEDS RESUPPLY AND RE-GARRISON>Malbede AtmosphereTERMINATED
1st T'olku Sept Escort CadreTransmissions blocked - Cadre Commander last noted on uncharted Imperial planet Fringe1st SphereTransmission blockedTotal failure
1st Szel'avo Planetary CadreSzel'avo (Jungle world, Colony primarily dedicated to research of enviroment, materials, and development of equipment using local mines) [Site of Waaagh! Badklaw]Vior'la [Amalgamation of several existing cadres]Shas'O Vel'Sha (Commander Softsun)StableSzel'avo Mountain RefineriesBattling small raiding force of Chaos Space Marines
Nars'Kathr'yl "Rock Lizards"ClassifiedTash'var SeptShas'el O'ran'O'res'la Vishai'Nan "Courage in face of Orc Raid Storm Blade", (Commander Stormblade)Pending Communication--Records are not very accurate--
12th Pech Defensive Cadre "Chocolate love force"Pech982.M41Shas'O Da'Doran "Darkcalm"Expecting an ork offensivePechCommander Darkcalm is a new Commander given the simple task of defending against the ork raids that are being launched upon the world of pech. Those ork ships that make it past the air caste are quickly tracked down and assaulted by darkcalm.
N/AVior'laN/A (Not a standing unit, re-formed when needed)Shas'o Vior'la Ka'rraCadre is forming, searching for volunteers.Vior'laEngaging the enemy in hit-and-run attacks behind enemy lines to demoralize, cause chaos and confusion, and spread the enemy forces thin to hasten victory.
First Fre'la Strike ForceRun'al Fre'la (Frozen, uninhabitable world without technological accomidations. Selected for outpost status after the end of the third expansion)999.M41Shas'o Sha'draig J'karraActiveFre'laEstablished mission is to identify targets for future expansion and determine associated defenses
Krenshi'var Kau'uiTau Sept1st SphereShas'O Tau Por'i Shas "Commander Rain" AKA "Rain of Fire"In trainingTau SeptCurrently performing training exercises. Commander Rain has been given command of this newly formed kau'ui after considerable break. Her commanders are confident that she has not lost her edge after suffering a near mortal wound in her last battle. The battle cost her dearly both in personnel as well as her body. She has been given time to train her new kau'ui to work together as an efficient hunter cadre.
Tash'Var Special Missions CadreTash'var Sept992.M41Shas'O Tash'var Mont'Yr Ur'Y (Shadowsun proxy)PERSONNEL SELECTION IN PROGRESSTash'var SeptPERSONNEL SELECTION IN PROGRESS
Tash'var 9th Rapid Interdiction Force - "Ar'ka"Tash'var SeptEnd of Second ExpansionShas'O Tash'var He'Suam Se'hen Che LelEn route to inconclusive Tyranid sitingOn board the Ta'lisseraCurrently en route to a garbled distress call that has all the warning signs of a fragmented Tyranid fleet making landfall. Though the possibilities of such an event are unlikely, the 9th RIF takes the situation seriously and responds to all emergency responses to act as a preliminary assault squad against the hive, or as support for any cadre currently patrolling or combating the enemy.
117 Mechanized Command Cadre. "Unconquered Dawn"Planet Ores'Shi, Glorious Hurricane Sector, Third sphere territories984.M41, when Ores'Shi was conquered by the Sa'cea Sept cadre “Silver Dawn” and with assistance of the Bork'an Sept cadre “Triumphant Storm” in the next few Tau'cyr the two cadres merged as Ores'Shi is almost completely cut off from the Empire, and so there is no stream of recruits.Shas'O Ores'Shi Eoro'Nan Mont'yr Kunas'EldiEngaged with Space Marines of the Black Valkier Chapter, organising and executing Kauyon maneuvers with exceptional success.Triumphant Sunrise, Capitol of Ores'Shi, temporary H.Q for Tio'vre
1st Cova'an Sept Exploratory CadreCova'an Sept, Cova'an Sector, Third Sphere Territories999.M41Aun'Ui T'au B'or'narsUndeployed (Reason: Additional Resources Assigned)Vio'ra SectorAssigned
13th Au'Taal Special Operations CadreAu'Taal899.M41Commander Ashwind (Shas'O Au'Taal Kau'Co'Cha M'Yen'Kais He'Raik'Doran Xesa'Su'Sha'Is)Patrolling outer limits of Tau space alongside Kor'El Au'Taal Yanoi'EldiIn transit to Ksi'M'YenHeading to Ksi'M'Yen for resupply after encountering a warband of Mont'Au'Gue'La.
24th Special Warfare CadreThe jungles of PechT'au day314, millennium 41A commander will be chosen upon completeion of training action on PechDeployed in training actionssomewhere deep within the jungles of PechStill a work in progress
Elite Special Operations CadreKsi'm'yen , Tau'shan sector , Third Sphere Territories982.M41Juntas'ka (Side Striker)Overseeing New Combat Training Exercises With New Cadre MembersTau'nIn Active, Seeking Authority To Expedite To Assist Current Expansion To New Third Sphere Planets
MIAAC-01 Kau'uiVior'La742.M41Shas'El Fal'shia Vior'la T'setsuo KauyonSearch and Destroy missions on worlds with small Astartes barracksNear the Farsight Enclaves, at the Damocles Gulf rimOn Hold, waiting for reinforcements
822nd T'au tactical strike force: "the Loyal Spears"T'au3rd SphereShas'O T'au Kir'qath Shas'len'raReplacing CasualtiesT'auNONE YET
4th Suam'kakSuam'kak3rd SphereShas'o Suam'kak Kais Retha'la Da'korst'la Bentu'myrActively EngagedUnknownEngaged against Gue'la, Eldar and Tyranid forces.
Renegade CadreUnknown, thought to be located close to the eye of terror.Upon corruption of Commander O'Dwyre, his loyal followers followed him in his retreat from Tau space. Sense then he has been joined by several other Cadres that no longer believe in the T'au'vaCommander O'DwyreLast known to be in Imperial Space battling along side Heretic Space Marines-unknown-Labeled as Mont'au'va, little connection has been made sense their breaking off. Caution advised in dealing with them.
A'mis Strike Cadre 2nd "Heavy Rain"A'misShas'O Bork'an Amis, [Aun'El Bork'an Wi'se].Engaged in minor battles.Training Dome, A'mis' Hot Side, T'shewo system.
Mont'yr K'mas Guardian Cadre - RENEGADEDamocles Gulf900.M41 Fal'shiaShas'O Vior'la As'aekEngaged in an ongoing campaign against adeptus astartes chapter 'Dark Angels'Garrison somewhere on the fringe of the Farsight Enclaves
T'Olku R.O.V.E.R Spearhead Cadre.N'Dras Sector 9 N_ET'Ollku 900.M56Shas'O Ra'LaiPreparing to launch.N'DrasWaiting for the order to attack.
1st T'au Kau'Ui Xar'vesa'Korst'la "Storm Troopers of Death"T'au Sept999.M41Shas'El T'au Tak'Is Elro'Jikita "Commander Blastpath the Kroot Speaker of T'au" or simply "Commander Blastpath"ON ASSIGNMENTPECHDeployed deep in the southern dead lands of Pech, a land scarred from war and Ork invaision, an Ork Waaagh has been gaining strength. Kai'Ui Xar'Vesa'Korst'La, having a reputation for swift and brutal strikes, was deployed to quell the uprising. When Shas'O He'Vior was slain in combat, leadership on T'au was prepared to send reinforcements, however recent analysis of Aun Doran'Ufa's guidance to keep the Cadre on mission, has proved extremely successful. Combat operations on Pech continue.
Vy'garm Kau'ui Lor'shas "Frostfire Cadre"Vy'garm Sept989.M41Shas'o Vy'garm Vior'la Lor'Kann / Commander FrosthammerIn Training, preparing to reinforce.Val'Fio'Harr City Training GroundsNo Current Missions Assigned. Kau'ui Lor'shas is currently being expanded and reconfigured following increased escalation and threat of local Be'gel/Ork activities.
N'dras Kau'ai Shi'vo'shas (Burning Eclipse Cadre)N'dras Sept524.M41Shas'O N'dras Hed'ren Shi'vo "Shattered Eclipse"Undergoing repairsOrbiting dead world, H'resh 4, Imperial Designation "Doton"*Static*...clipse, reporting in. No sign of expeditionary teams found. Bio-scans indicate little life remains on surface. I lead the search te... *Static*... unes and symbols on every wall of the cit... *Static*... no trace. Found Gue'la survivors, taken them into custod...*Static*... echerous dogs!... *Static* concealed weapon. His fellows subdued him as a show of good faith. Since then, we have been expanding our search... *Static*... run-ins with "eldar" raiders... *Static*... kidnapped, dragging them off screaming. Fio'el claims he can make their warp port... *Static*... long enough to send in a rescue team. Requesting permission to pursue.
Warp fire CadreUncharted warpspace (codname: the blood sea)Post third spher expantion. Exploration.Cammander Flame soul (the burned one)Unable to find a way back to Tau space.The Blood Sea Sector five (Beaches of woh)Failure
914th T'au Liberation Cadre. “Flaming Retribution”T'au Sept943.M41Shas'el T'au Da'Myr “Darkedge”EXECUTING FIGHTING WITHDRAWALOn the planet Tel'OshiDespite enjoying a considerable amount of success early in the campaign to free the world of Tel'Oshi from the Orks, they have recently noticed a turning of the tide. Tau forces falling back to strategic defensive locations. Request sent for reinforcements (processing – 23% complete).
49th Rapid Response Cadre "The Desert Lizards"N'dras954.41 MShas'O N'dras Di'nan Esh're "Commander Sandstorm"[ENGAGED] [AWAITING REINFORCEMENTS]Nylacar VII, Va'un System, Northern Finge, Democlese GulfHolding defensive positions along Imperial trade route. Tyranid hive inbound.
The Light of Aun'vaT'auMixedShas'O'Nul'Dom('Kais'Kont'Ka) (Commander Outcast) Aun'O'T'au'Acaya'Va'DentaMission 218/fd6 +++CLASSIFIED-Aun code required+++Sector Horatius, Segmentum TempestusCovertly preparing fleet and allies for exodium command stealth mode.
Tau'n/T'au Hybrid multi purpose solo infiltration cadreTau'nM41. 993Shas'O'Nul'Dom('Kais'Kont'Ka) (Commander Outcast) Aun'O'T'au'Acaya'Va'DentaEngaging Ork SwarmInfiltrating Ryza Warzone (Gue'La space)Unknown
Deep Infiltration Retrieval and Salvage Cadre (DIRSC)Unspecified, currently deployed to Imperial SpaceUnknown, assumed previous to Third Sphere ExpansionShas'O Tau Rra'Vesa Che'lal (Fire Caste Commander, Tau sept, Shadow Hand (thief) Lightning (Ion weaponry specialist)Active Deployment-----CLASSIFIED-----Multiple objectives:
1st Anuk'Myr Experimental Cadre. “Wing Blades”M'yen'Shi Colony943.M41Shas'O T'au M'yen'Shi Da'Korst “Darkreaper” [KIA]De-ActivatedNone
13th Por'An Rapid Response CadrePor'An Sept947.M41Shas'O Por'An Kais Ka'Mesa M'Yen'Nem'Myr (O'Ka'Mesa - Cmdr Scar)Reinforcing and resupplyingPor'An Sept training domesAwaiting orders
R.A.G.E. Rapid Attack Ground ExpeditionAr'Cal'Elan SeptA coalition of several septs that has been dispatched on a long term campaign.Shas'El Ar'Cal'Elan T'koreth Suam (Galaxy Fire)In-Flight preparation, and combat training.The Sept of Ar'Cal'Elan En-route to problem zone in fringe territory.Set Fire to those who threaten the greater good
Cadres Hellfire and ForestlightArthas MolochCadre Hellfire: Created to be an honor guard for Ethereals and visiting dignitaries. Created from firewarriors of multiple Fire Caste worlds. While their armor exhibits much pageantry, this Cadre is also a lethally efficient force dedicated to protecting their charges. Cadre Forestlight: Special secret task force sent to Arthas Moloch to investigate Imperial activity in the region. Also not tied to any one sept.Shas'O Vior'La Gak'Sa'Lo (Commander Blackstar)Entrenched, well supplied, requesting removal from planet, suffering minor casualties, major damage to some systems, no support, no Ethereal counsellingArthas MolochWhile returning to their barracks on T'au, Cadre Hellfire's Orca was badly damaged, forcing a crash-landing on Arthas Moloch. There, they rescued the already present Cadre Forestlight, who had suffered heavy casualties, from destruction by an Imperial Guard regiment. While they search for the object of the Imperium's interest on this world, the Cadres have fought off Eldar, Space Marine, and Necron forces, and Orks have been spotted appraoching from deep space. The Cadres are requesting reinforcements...ASAP!!!
47th Seek and Destroy Cadre "Black Widow"Kel'Shan Sept, Eastern Fringe, Second Sphere ExpansionUNKNOWNShas'o Kel'Shan J'Karra Mal'Caor (She Who Mirrors the Spider) "Commander Orbweaver"Awaitng Reinforcements; Repairs; TrainingUnknown Planet Near the Peridus RiftON HOLD; AWATING REINFORCEMENTS
111TH Mobile hunter Cadre "Spear of Destiny"Farsight Enclave761.M41. Founded by Commander Farsight. After defecting from the Empire and heavy losses aginst the Orks Farsight saw the need to recruit and train new units to protect the newly conquered worlds. Warspite grew up on vior'la and was promoted by Farsight to command the Cadre after serving in his bodyguard, although he does not follow the preference for hand to hand combat.Commander WarspiteActiveCurrently undertaking various hit and run missions against Imperial forces. The most recent engagementw were against a detachment of Space Wolves seeking to test the Tau defenses and an incursion of Orks.Lacking Tau homeworld support and industrial capabilities the cadre is undertaking hit and run missions, rather than protracted campaigns against Imperial forces.
6th Expansion Force, 66th Surgical Strike Cadre "Mont'kau'ui D'yanoi" (Strike Team "Binary Moon")*CLASSIFIED*994.M41*CLASSIFIED* --Shas'el D'yanoi Kais Ha'nar La'rua (Commander Nightfall)--On Standby --IN TRANSIT FROM KA'ROS'SAN--*CLASSIFIED*Training on D'yanoi Sept --SEE CURRENT STATUS--
7th EXILE SPEARHEAD FORCE841.M42Shas'ka'ra Rae'ka T'suam Ui't'shas ("[REDACTED]")MIAUNKNOWNFollowing the Foundry Massacre, Shas'ka'ra T'suam was found responsible for the gutting of the Ksi'm'yen 343th ARC. She has been stripped of all formal rank name, declared a traitor, exiled. Unfortunately, she insists on continuing to stain the honor of our great Empire, demanding a Trial of Honor, as custom allows. Her continued defiance has brought many other ka'ra exiles out of hiding to join this disturbing crusade. Considering the enormity of their crimes, the entire force was tasked with destroying the heart of Hive Fleet Behemoth; a task many consider to be impossible - almost as impossible as Shas'ka'ra T'suam regaining her honor.
Ke'lshan Mobile Patrol Cadre Lel'nen (Lightning Spear)Ke'lshanSa'cea, 894.M41Shas'O Sa'cea Korst'la (Commander Reaper)ActiveKe'lshanOn active patrol on the planet Ke'lshan and in the surrounding space. Repeated conflicts with remnants of a Tyranid Hive Fleet, Dark Eldar pirates and skirmishes with Imperial forces.
12th Dat'ya Expeditionary CadreDal'yth Sept985.M46Shas'O Sa'cea Korst'la (Commander Reaper)Training and PreparationDat'ya Proving GroundsNot Yet Deployed
3 Kau'ui Taal'or Es'tau, "Ea Oi'nars'era" (3rd Es'tau Peacekeeping Cadre, "The Shining-Stones"Y'leth, liberated by the Dal'yth Sept in imperial year 742.M41 during the Damocles Gulf Crusade and currently under the joint peacekeeping efforts of the 3rd Es'tau, 8th Dal'yth and 9th Dal'yth.Official founding of the 3rd Es'tau Peacekeeping Cadre was around imperial year 980.M41. Current command of the Cadre was given to Noble Brightknife around imperial year 008.M42Shas'el Es'tau Ol'myr (Noble Brightknife)Peacekeeping operations in forested areas of Y'leth.Region 5 of the Y'leth Colony of master Sept Dalyth.
1st T'au Veteran Force, 1st Elite Defense Cadre "T'au'Shi" (Previous Designation Reclassified as "T'au Victory")Primary Major Sept T'au083.902.M41Shas'el Es'tau Ol'myr (Noble Brightknife)Armed and Ready for deploymentAll current T'au defensive perimetersDeployed
23rd Fi'rios PDF (Planet Defence Force) Cadre (Cal'Del'shi -“Iron Shield”)3rd Moon of Fi'rios Upt'Rra (Shadow Mountain)117.017.M42Shas'El'Fi'rios'Um'ril (Knight Swiftsure)Actively EngagedPlanet Fi'rios, Fort Li'Sun'yi (Fort Wild Flower)Currently under heavy fire from Ork horde, called “Down unde' Boyz”
1RIC - Rapid Intervention Cadre - "Planet Divers"UndisclosedUnknown, possibly **CLASSIFIED**Shas'O T'au **DENIED**Retrofit and Resupply of new XV8SE Chassis, retrieval of replacement drop pods Priority One.Planet Fi'rios, Fort Li'Sun'yi (Fort Wild Flower)Prepared to Drop.
Twilight Sandfish**CLASSIFIED**984.M41Shas'O D'yanoi B'he'kak (Commander SandStorm)NominalIn orbit around **CLASSIFIED**Preparations complete, awaiting word from the Aun
Fi'rios 13th Hunter Cadre "Blood-Storm"Fi'rios Sept3rd Sphere of ExpansionShas'o Sa'cea Or'kai [4th Senior Shas'o of Fi'rios Command]ENGAGEDDayar II - Imperial Controlled Planet [Grey Dawn Sub-Empire]DELAYED - Under siege from unexpected Ork forces on planet surface
Kau'ui Be'gelUnknownUnknownShas'o Vior'la Be'gel [Commander 'Green Skin']RENEGADE
Da'mont'yrMon'FioThird Phase of ExpansionShas'O Mon'Nan (Commander Blacksword), Aun'Vre J'KarraOn campaignM'yen eur'ii********--
Damocles Reclamation ContingentDamocles Gulf (raiding parties)791.M41, Sa'ceaShas'O R'alaiEngaged against Mordian Iron guard LXIII armoured regiment.Farsight enclavesInconclusive
227th Sa'cean Peace Enforcement CadreSa'cea sept, Sa'cea sector, Second Sphere Territories004.M42Shas'el Sa'cea Soo'doran (Commander Peacemaker)
12th Recon Special Operations 1st PlatoonclassifiedDal'yth ( how ever fire warriors are taken from every Sept system )RNRIn transit aboard the transport (evening Star)
77th Ke'lshan "Saber" CadreKe'lshan Sept, Ke'lshan Sector, 2nd sphereSecond SphereShas'o Ke'lshan Mont'yr Cal'kaForce Under Training, Awaiting Vehicle and Battlesuit RefitKe'lshan
102Nd Force Re-con Cadre "Silent Thunder"UNKNOWN929.M41Shas'O Sa'cea Tion'Gi (Swift-End)UNKNOWNUNKNOWN
39th Vash'ya Drop Contingent, "Moon Death"CLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDShas'O'Y'shan'Yanoi'hieAwaiting deployment. Orbit around CLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIED
63rd Reformed data link disabledN'DrasClassifiedShas'O N'dras Muad'Dib Mont'yrRegroupingHolding area N'dras Imperial Barracks Northern Continent.Resupplying and retraining. Being used for advance prototype testing under Fio'El Bork'an Stil'gar.
--Redacted----Unknown--Si'Lema (Minor Sept)(last Known) Shas'O Si'Lema Or'Es'KaUnknown, Presumed Active without contactUnknown---Key mission code Sigma-four-El-Shas---
33rd N'Dras Rapid Response Cadre, 1st N'Dras Drone Response CadreN'Drasca. 973M41(last Known) Shas'O Si'Lema Or'Es'KaActive(((CLASSIFIED)))Comparative Combat Analysis for further integration of Generation III AI drones
8th N'Dras expeditionary force "Dawn's Light"N'Dras Sept, N'Dras sector, Second Sphere territories985.M41Shas'O N'Dras L'Eoro'Sho'Ka Kauyon "Shadow of Dawn"Awaiting deployment pending reinforcementsSecurity Orbital near Kel'Shan, Perdus Rift
368th Specialist Cadre Battalion "Vampire Hunters"Aboard the Nemesis Emissary class ship1st phaseShas'el Or'es UkosActive harassment and provocation of Or'es Gue'la forces known as "Blood Angels"In orbit over Arthas Moloch
Renegade CadreDamocles Gulf Border--Unknown--O'Shova "Farsight"UnknownUnknownRecent engagements with both renegade Eldar and Imperial Grey Knight forces. The Eldar were fought to a standstill. The Grey Knights dominated the field. Currently engaged in recovery operations.
Y'anoi Kauyon Cadre (Patient Moon Hunter Cadre)Herkalion System , Planet Chandax3rd Sphere , Bor'kan SeptShas'el Am'ruinIn dire need of reinforcements and re-equipment, despite the best efforts in maintainance most of the vehicles are unable to be fielded. Since the upgrade of the cadre status and re-evaluation of its assigned tasks, till reinforcements arrive it engages only in hit and run tactics and small skirmishes. This is in order to assess enemy strengths and to maintain the fighting capabilities of the cadre at the best possible limit.Planetary capital Pa'ercut of planet Chandax , system HerkalionLanding and securing safety of lord-governor: Achieved within accepted parameters
Mes'ka Cadre (Balanced strike)The Mes'ka Cadre's Custodian class battle transport.Start of first expansionShas'O Shi'F'ral'ka (Victorious Feral strike)Dal'ythAwaiting orders for next skirmish against the human's empire.
Bork'an 4th Escort CadreBork'an998.M41Shas'o Bork'an Sha'is'Nen or Commander Windspear of Bork'anEscort Duties, assigned to 4th Bork'an Engineer Research TeamGoron Minor, Outlying SystemsLight Enemy Contact
101st Expansionist Cadre. ‘Ea Bap' (‘The Lost')Vash'ya950.M41Shas'O Vash'ya ‘Ea'Bel' (The Guide)Establishing Emergency Defensive Outpost.UnknownAfter a mysterious surge in the engines aboard the fleet's many ships as it made it jump into the warp, the 101st Expansionist Fleet jumped to a destination far from its intended target location, it is now occupying an unknown region of space separated from each other. After the flag ship of the fleet ‘Lar'shi Shi' (Hero class ship ‘Victory') crashed on the planet now designated Vorc'lan (a highly volcanic planet) the tau on-board have started work on a defensible outpost to live in until they can determine where they are in space, and how to get home.
Sa'cea Urban CadreDamocles GulfSa'cea2 ethereals, 1 XV-8Persuading the planetary governor to join the greater good.Classified.Expanding the Greater Good in the Damocles Gulf.
12th Interdiction Cadre "Hunter Cadre Firestorm"Southern FringeT'auDeployed (Awaiting orders)3rd Sphere Expansion ring, Patrolling Southern FringeAwaiting Orders
Kau'ui Mesme'kaDamocles GulfSa'ceaShas'O Sa'cea Or'es M'yen, Lord High Commander Carab Culln, Aun'el Sa'cea KaisEngaging Dark Eldar and Iron Warrior forces across the Damocles Gulf.CLASSIFIED
5th Perdus Rift Interdiction Cadre, "Sentinels"Near Perdus Rift AnomalyKe'lshan SeptShas'O "Riptide"Mop up operation on -CLASSIFIED-, former Ork world-CLASSIFIED-Ongoing defense of Tau space around Perdus Rift. In light of recent events, most probably ongoing for foreseeable future.
2nd Lav'esk Infiltration Cadre "Lost Ghosts"Edge of Dal'yth SystemDal'ythShas'O Lav'esk Veetor Mon'tyr "Chillrend"ActiveNexaris System,Engaging Chaos forces in a series of hit and run attacks. Hopes to cripple the hostile command structure and slow progress across the system, allowing evacuation of untainted civilians by Tau forces. Success has so far been limited.
95th Stealth Assault Specialist CadreKsi'm'yen operations sectorSa'ceaCommander ShadowstrikeActiveKsi'm'yenRest and refit
Pseudo PhenolicaT'olkuThird sphere expansionShas'o Kuio and etherial Septhua'VaDeployment early stage; Commander assesment, orphan unit integration and etherial ethos indoctrination.T'olkuReact to distress calls from all nearby sept worlds and monitor Farsight enclave activities. Water caste intersession in nearby Ork warband activity and respond to Imperium of man contact in Tau space for designated sector.
Tau'atha Defence / Relief Force's (DF /RF )Tau'atha ColoniesWitheldCommander Dragonfire: O'NutakushasUnconfirmedTau'atha colonies
N'Dras Interceptor CadreN'Dras spaceKel'ShorCommander Nightveil: Nok Run'alPatroling N'Dras space in search for possible threats.N'Dras space
187th Mechanized Contingent--REDACTED--Ksi'm'yenHaving become expert at acting together during the --REDACTED-- campaign, these three Cadres were formed into the 187th Mechanized Contingent, working together until otherwise ordered. Their current posting of-----REDACTED--
108th Tash'var Contingent3rd sphere ColoniesTash'varShas'o Tash'var Rra Nan “commander shadow spear”Active (due to be recalled and refitted)patrolling 3rd sphere Colonies borders
nohan cadresept vior'laemergency stopped, passive reinforcements on-route.fireblade iron-eyein orbit of fyrretsept vior'lain orbit of "backwater" planet fyrret, scout forces deployed to surface.
401 Expansionary ExpeditionFo'tanShas'o'Fo'tan'Kais'Shais'ka “Commander Wind Strike” [Wind actual]Combat Ineffective (awaiting refit)Fo'tan Training Facilities and academy. Next posting:Border system expansion in Eastern Fringe-D'Sed'ian Systems (refered to as Nova Primaran System to the Gue'la Imperium)
Mey'sha Defence Cadre.Mey'sha (Tau'n)Shas'O Tau'n Meyen Mesme (Unforseen Combination)On active dutyClassified.Authorised access only
Khairos AllianceKharios SystemClassified/Authorised Access OnlyShas'o M'yen Kre'ta/ Commander Kre'taRefit and Maintenance prior to next phase of system expansionKhairos systemClassified/Authorised Access Only
1031st Shas'ko'tak Kau'ui (mechanized infantry)965.M41Shas'el Crolar'shiField training with new technology & personnelSpiro'spes, integrated Imperial Garden WorldCLASSIFIED
24th Nip'on Mobile Assault Cadre "The Conquerors"Nip'on (Farsight Enclave)3rd SphereShas'O Nip'on Mont'au Mal'caor, Commander Terror Spider.Active. Executing search and destroy combat missions against Ork strongpoints.Jungle world of Sera'ya: Nip'on SeptSuccessful. Ongoing campaign against the foe.
RenegadeMu'Gulath Gate [Enclave Fortress]Enclave WarsShas'O Sa'Cea Tau'rrain 'Ion-Fire'ActiveMu'gulath BayCurrently active with Commander O'Shovah
SHAS KAU'UI AU'TAAL M'YEN OR'ES'KAZone of Silence900.M41Practice and patrol/guard duty, ready for combatKa'al, Zone of SilenceUndetermined
T'au 242nd Combined Arms CadreT'auOriginally on 018.M39 on T'au Sept at the beginning of the Second Sphere Expansion.Aun'el Aun'noh,va (Ethereal)Restoring operational readinessT'au Military Replenishment DepotsReactivating at T'au after a succesfull but bloody campaign against Eldar pirates near the Sa'cea Sept where the Cadre's old Commanders, Shash'o Mont'kor perished. He was an able but grimm commander who led his forces against brutal alien fiends, struck them back but payed the ultimate price for it himself. The Cadre too had suffered an almost mortal blow with staggering 80% losses after the Slaughter of Kor'i'niv. Now the Cadre has been reactivated at it's birth world of T'tau. The Cadre has survived impossible odds and triumphed under countless consecutive Commanders. It's martial history is a source of pride, inspiration and tactical wisdom for all those who come to the Cadre.
Vior'la Tok'rhenna Shi - "Those of Vior'la's Honor"Damocles Gulf, Vior'la Sept, other minor holdingsThe Great War of Confederation, 975.M41Shas'o Vior'la Mal'caor Mont'yr, "The Blooded Spider"EngagedLast known to be regrouping following the action at Mu'gulath BayOn task
Gyu'ios "Tranquil Forest" CadreGyu'ios Sept, Mon'hulo "Terrible Ocean" Sector, Third Sphere Expansion territoriesThird SphereShas'O Sa'cea Hoyunra "Surestrike"At operational strength and conducting regular patrols of Gyu'ios's star system. Surveys of other planets underway. CAUTION! Merchant fleet at risk of interception by Human and Eldar privateers. Frequent delays in supply lines as a result.Gyu'ios.Planetary defence. Skirmishes with Tyranid splinter fleets and alien raids reported.
2nd T'ros Rapid Reaction CadreCurrently stationed on T'ros999.M41*Shas'El T'ros M'yen V'ral - Progress and effectiveness of new Cadre overseen by Aun'uiReinforcingT'rosAun verdict : Satisfactory progress
17th Hunter CadreMu'gulath Bay / Dovar System999.m41Shas'el Ke'lshan Tran A'ntyr Shei'i (Commander Fellstrike)Deployed in support of the Third Sphere Expansion in the vicinity of Mu'gulath BayAntenora System, in flank-support action of Tau advanceCurrently in heavy and constant contact with advance elements of Imperial counter-attack on planet designate Antenora II (El'liri)
343rd Rapid Reinforcement CadreCurrently en route to designate “Di'shya”, Imperium held world past Mu'galath BaySa'cea sept, date 994.M41Shas'O Sa'cea Pilan Da'lyr, called “Interdictor”REARMING, preparing to support invasion of target designate “Di'shya”Aboard the Unfailing Elements en-routeIN PROGRESS
85th enhanced mechanized infantry, first recorded pure Gue'vessa cadreNew Brunswick, capitol city currently unnamed planet231.M42Captain Eric KimesN/A
10TH BORK'AN ELITE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE (EEF)Currently Unknown...Presumed in TransitBork'anShas'O StoneSword, Aun'ka-Ti (injured...awaiting possible XV-08 deployment)Field testing new equipment and tactics. Previous field tests and trials were on Tundra world near Ork planet. Variant weapon system test - SUCCESSFUL, Variant Crisis Suit test - SUCCESSFUL, Variant Command Suit XV-08 test - PENDING, Variant XV-88 Long Barreled Twin-Linked Cyclic Ion System test - PENDING, Variant Heavy Infantry XV-29 suit test - IN PROGRESSIn transit, destination possible large multi-force conflict soon.Prepping for Operation Avalanche...MORE DETAILED DATA REQUESTS MUST BE AUTHORIZED BY HIGH COMMAND...
Rogue Cadre 271.23UNKNOWNUNKNOWNRogue Ethereal Aun'Mal'caorWanted by Septs Vior'La, Dal'Yth, Sa'Cea, Ksi'Myen, Fi'rios and OthersUNKNOWN
Shadow-Strike CadreTauClassifiedShas'O'Shaserra (Aun'Va Advising)ClassifiedClassifiedOn-going pursuit and elimination of O'Shovah.
49th Sa'cea Special Expeditionary Force "Fairlight Hunter Cadre"En-route to Velk'han Sept space in the so-called "Jericho Reach"Within the past yearShas'O Sa'cea Kar'Li Cal'Cha “Commander Fairlight” (XV8-02 battlesuit) advised by Aun'Aa and Aun'TaelEn-route to Velk'han Sept space in the so-called "Jericho Reach"In between campaigns.
67th Lub'grahl Defense Force, Void WalkersFarsight Enclaves, Lub'grahl SouthSection Founding 985.M41, Joined Farsight Enclaves 997.M41Shas'O Fal'shia Shi'urvali Or'est'var, commonly shortened to O'Shi'urvali, nicknamed Commander Void by Gue'vesa.ACTIVELY ENGAGEDDefense of Lub'grahl southCurrently defending the southern hemisphere of the planet Lub'grahl against an assault of Imperial Origin.
Vior'la 71st Expeditionary CadreVior'la741.M41O'Shas'ka Suam aka Commander Solar Flare (Translates to Sun Fire... but close enough)ACTIVELY ENGAGEDDamocles Gulf.
42nd T'drios Hunter Cadre. "Comets Fall"T'drios sept998.M41Shas'o T'drios Shas'r'vhana "Commander Starfall"ACTIVELY ENGAGEDT'drios sectorPart of a larger contingent, dedicated to the defence of the newly founded sept of T'drios. This Cadre is dedicated to fighting the Tyranid menace in the sector. Other targets of the contingent include the Imperial Guard, The Orks and a group of renegade humans naming themselves "The cult of chronology"
- classified -Damocles gulf- classified -Shas'O Tau'n Che Gor'e on VaActive defense of the empireArgentum sectorgathering more troops for the front.
Vior'an quick response retalliation force "Plasmic Storm"Vior'la system945.M41Vior'O Or'es Kaais Il'varIn TrainingVior'la system - Ak'tish moonTo be announced
Harbinger secured transportation cadreKe'lshan976.41MShas'o Kinot Kles'takNo contact. (as per order <Classified>)Uncharted territories of the Irasiel SectorSecured transportation of <Classified>
Ni'Sia Mining Colony Ground Defense ForceBork'An sept, Enia'El system765.M38Bork'An O'Tus Et'ArsBattle ready, new recruits in trainingBork'An sept - Ni'Sia Mining Colony moonTyranid splinter fleet sighted. Preparing defenses for planet strike.
3rd Detachment-Vanguard Hunter Cadre: Shame of the Damocles GulfMu'gulath Bay (Dead World)758.M41Shas'O Mu'gulath Lel'M'yen (Commander Hidden Lightning)Awaiting reassignment.Kor'vattra, aboard the Or'es El'leath Battleship T'VayenReserved-Pending
127th T'au Vanguard Hunter CadreClassified879.M41Commander Patient shadowStranded behind enemy lines, actively engaged with Imperial forces, Imperial rebels and what appears to be an extremely hostile and yet unidentified alien race. Heavy casualties have been sustained, and a most vehicles and suits have been lost.ClassifiedHolding fortified position until support arrives. Ethereals are to be protected at all cost until an extraction can be carried out.
Vior'la 67th Expeditionary Cadre - Noc'ArdaiUnknown719.M41UknownUnknownUnknown-Disrupting supply chains for the Adeptus Astartes in Damocles Gulf. [ONGOING] -Seen picking of big parts of a Tyranid splinter fleet incursion. [ONGOING] -Engaging Necron forces rising from buried tombs. [IN PROGRESS]
Traitor Kindred IsuukUnknownPechMaster Shaper Hiit'aihUnkownLostShunned by the Kroot race. Destroy on site.
T'AU 42nd Area denial and Air superiority task force (Hammer of Justice)INFORMATION LOST IN UPLINKFIRSTShas'O DarklighterACTIVE EXTENDED OPSDAMOCLES SYSTEMENGAGED
42nd M'yen Ka Kau'ui (Unforseen Strike Cadre)Eastern Fringe997.M41Anxious, CalculatingSa'CeaRefit and Stand by for further orders
The Nights WrathThe Vaulantis sector998 m.41Commander Ros'etta Deathrainpreparing to deployFire Caste base on Vaulantisunknown